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1 Girl Boston Stripper Shows

1 Girl Stripper Show –

One Female Exotic Dancer Dances for 1 Hour.  As long as she doesn’t have another show to get to she can stay as long she is being tipped.

2 Girl Boston Stripper Shows

2 Girl Stripper Show –

Two Female Exotic Dancers Dance for you for 1 Hour.  They start by dancing on the bachelor (if there is no bachelor that ok too), then they dance on the best man.  Then they can do lap dances for anyone who wants them, body shots, whipped cream, and of course the main event, the girl on girl show (if you want it).  This last for 1 hour, but as long as they don’t have another show to get to they can stay as long as they are being tipped.

3 Girl Boston Stripper Shows

3 Girl Stripper Show –

Just like the 2 Girl Stripper Show, but with 2 more boobies.  Not recommended for parties of less than 30 people.

Boston Strippers

4 or More Girls –

Want 8 girls? No problem, 12 Girls? No problem, Get it?


1 Male Stripper Show –

One Male Exotic Dancer Dances for 1 hour.  Most of the time the male dancers are on a tight schedule, so they usually can’t stay longer than the allotted time.  So tip him while you can.  The more you throw the better the show!


*All prices are based on shows booked with 24 hour notice in Boston MA.  As the location of the party gets further away from Boston, or the time of the party gets closer than 24 hours away, show prices may vary.

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